Cloud Backup Pricing


Starts at 25Gb

File Backup


Outlook Express

Windows Live Mail

Windows System

USB, local, mapped drives

Flexible backup schedules

Incremental Backups

Differential Backups

Open File Backup

File Retention

Continuous Backup

256 bit SSL Transmission

Filename / content encryption

Seed Load Utility

Multiple Schedules

Multiple Backup Jobs

Backup to on-site Device

Windows System State

MS Exchange Agent


VMWare/Hyper-V Agent

Oracle DB Agent


Starts at



Starts at



Which Backup Plan Is Right For You?

  • The Standard client is personal or home office focused and is suitable for backing up your desktop and laptop computer. 
  • The Advanced client is business focused and includes server agents, hybrid local backup copies, and multiple backup scheduling. It backs up an unlimited number of servers and desktops. If your environment needs flexibility then choose this option.

Note: You cannot mix Standard and Advanced clients under the same backup plan.


Pricing Details

  • No hidden fees, no setup fee, no contract
  • All pricing shown is per month
  • Backup as many computers as you want under one plan
  • No hardware is required, our client is software based
  • Choose your disk space limit in the sign-up process