CloudPockets Backup

Hybrid Cloud Backups For Business

You don’t want to be a casualty like the statistics you read about. You need to be able to recover from a disaster, regardless of how big or small it is.  You need to know your critical documents and data are recoverable.

CloudPockets Backup lets you perform onsite and offsite backups for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with military grade security and PIPEDA compliance.
Backup data always stays in Canada.




How It Works

Install our cloud backup software client on your server, desktop or laptop and configure your backup settings for that device. Select your data to be backed up, schedule run times, and select the backup destination. Backups run in the background and are light enough that you can use the computer while a backup is being performed.

You receive an email notification after every backup run so that you always know the status of your backups.




How To Get Started

  1. Sign Up – We’ll send you an email with all your account information, and a link to download the cloud backup software client
  2. Install – Install our Cloud Backup software client on any Windows, Mac, Linux computer, it only takes 5 minutes
  3. Configure – Login using the client, then point and click to backup emails, documents, pictures, etc, or select the files and folders you want. Schedule the time you want to backup (often overnight).
  4. Let it run – Save your configuration and let it run! Our software client runs in the background and you can use your computer while cloud backups are running. After every backup you get a notification email about that backup


We’re here to help! Contact us for answers to your questions and getting your first backup configured and running smoothly.