Never Use The Default Username


Never Use The Default Username

We get busy. Our day is full of activities, so we try to look for the fastest, easiest way to accomplish things. When installing software we tend to accept the defaults – click-click-click-done!
Here’s a good lesson on why to NOT accept the defaults when installing software, especially if that software is foundational or critical to the business.


This morning I noticed that someone has been trying to hack into my FTP server. I have an FTP server for clients to download various items, plus I have some other important data up there. Take a look at the screen-shot below and you’ll repeatedly see “password incorrect!”.
Take a closer look. What are they trying to login as? Administrator.
Administrator is often the default username for software, especially server software. If you leave the default username as Administrator then a potential hacker already knows half of the information they need to try and get in.
Change it, make it anything else but Administrator.
It could save your business!


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Guy Moss is the owner of Trusted Technology Inc, an IT Consultancy based out of British Columbia, Canada. With 20+ years of IT experience Guy provides hands-on technical direction and support for small businesses and non profits. He also manages this Cloud Backup site, plus Integrated Layer Website Hosting.

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