Personal Backups

Backup Your Desktop Or Laptop

Documents, emails, photos, music… these are all things you don’t want to lose!

Our Standard computer backup sets up easily and runs automatically in the background, it’s the most effective way to be able to recover your critical files and data should disaster occur.

All files are securely backed up offsite so that a total failure of your computer will be inconvenient, but your data is now fully recoverable. Restore easily to your replacement computer and continue on!






Setting up your first backup will take about five minutes, point-and-click, and you're done!


Backups run in the background while you use your computer, then send an email notification when it is done


Backups are encrypted to military standards, then sent securely using SSL to our servers, protected off-site


Your backup always stays in Canada, under Canadian security and privacy laws, which a stricter than the US



How To Get Started

  1. Sign up – We’ll send you an email with all your account information, and a link to download the easy cloud backup software client.
  2. Install software – Download and install our backup software client. Installation takes as little as five minutes.
  3. Configure – Point and click to backup (emails, documents, pictures, etc) and schedule the cloud backup time (often lunchtime or overnight).



Easy Point And Click

When you install our computer backup client it will search your computer and offer an easy point-and-click backup selection.

You can quickly select your desktop files, your documents, your Internet Explorer favourites, and you emails.

If you have other documents not under your Documents folder (accounting programs or other special software) just use the advanced button to make sure all your important files are backed up.

Then set your backup schedule, usually daily, and you’re ready to go!





Need Help?

Help is free, contact us and we’ll help you install and configure your first computer backup.