Setting Up Email POP3 or IMAP

Setting Up Your Email

Determine whether you are going to use IMAP or POP3 (See the support article: IMAP or POP3?).
These instructions work for your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

  • Incoming email server is usually: mail.{yourdomainname}
  • Outgoing email server can be: mail.{yourdomainname} If you choose to use your domain name then be sure to tell our email client to authenticate to the outgoing server
  • If you are setting up a desktop you can use the outgoing mail server for your Internet provider
  • Do not enable SSL or TLS
  • Your login will be your full email address

To set up email on your iPhone here’s the steps according to Apple Support.

Check Your Email via Webmail

If you use POP3 you can check your email using:

If you use IMAP you can check your email using :
www.{yourdomainname}/roundcube or