World Backup Day is March 31st, it falls on a Friday this year.

Friday is a actually perfect day to start a backup. Since your first backup is going to be a full backup and will be larger, you can give it the time it needs to complete.

How To Prepare For World Backup Day

Start by knowing where are your files are.

Are they all under your My Documents folder, or are they scattered across various places? Do you use your Windows desktop as a place to store files while you are working on them? Do you have any special programs that store their files or database in a different location? Take half an hour and get to know where your files are.

These files include documents, worksheets, and also photos and music, everything you have or need.

This might also be a good time to consolidate your files to a central spot on your computer. Here’s an article about consolidating files.

Ways To Backup

world backup day to usb driveBe honest with yourself – you won’t backup on any regular basis unless it is easy.

Sure you can buy an external hard disk and copy files to it on World Backup Day, but how often will you do it after that? Ever?!

You could keep your files in the cloud, that’s a backup right? This article explains why the cloud is not a backup.

You don’t know when disaster will strike. To be properly protected you need a solution that doesn’t rely on you doing something.

The Solution

A backup must be easy, and it must do it’s thing automatically, without your intervention.

The best solution for that is a Cloud Backup.

world backup day to cloudA cloud backup is completely software based. It doesn’t require any external disk or any hardware whatsoever. Once you have set it up it runs in the background and backs up automatically at the time of your choosing. Every day, every hour, or even in near real-time.

Our cloud backup software runs on any computer, can be set up in about five minutes, and is secure, automated, intuitive, and easy.

Start one today and be all ready to go on World Backup Day March 31st, 2017