Start A Cloud Backup Now

How To Start A Backup

Let us show you how easy it is to start a backup with CloudPockets. If you know where your source data to backup exists this whole process should take around five minutes.

The first step is to sign up.

Once you have signed up you’ll receive a couple of emails.
One is for your account with us for contact and billing, the second is your credentials for your cloud backup.
Keep this second document safe, you will need it in the future. Make sure you know you login and password. It also included a link to download the cloud backup software client.




Using the link from the email you recieved, install our Cloud Backup software client on any computer; Windows, Mac, or Linux.
The steps below are based on Windows.

Once the backup client is downloaded, run the installation.

NOTE: Make sure to install the same version as the plan you signed up for; the Advanced, or Standard.



Login to the backup client using the credentials you received by email; a wizard will walk you through the steps to start a backup for the first time.

If your files are all in standard locations you can easily point and click to backup your emails, documents, pictures, etc.
Use the advanced button to select the files and folders in other places.

Next, schedule the time you want to backup, often overnight; although the backup client is light enough to backup while you are still using the computer, so you could select any time of the day.


Save your configuration and let it run!

Our software client runs in the background, you don’t need to keep the backup client open.

After every backup you get a notification email about that backup.

Some Notes

Our backup client is intuitive and robust. Here are some additional features you may be interested in:

The Advanced Backup client can also run a local backup as well as a cloud backup, set a retention periods for up to a year, and have multiple backups and multiple backup schedules per computer. There is even the ability for real-time backups for critical systems. Full documentation for these features and other features is available in our help documents in your client portal with us.