Data Backup for Law Firms

bc law society rule 10-3

Keep Your Law Firm Backups In Canada

You have an ethical duty to ensure the protection and safety of your law firm records for both you and your clients. In Canada that also means keeping this data within the country, under Canadian security and privacy laws.

Law firms and legal organizations tend to generate significant data related to client matters, including legal briefs & research, court transcripts, along with client correspondence, your legal management software, and other case related documents.
All this data needs to be protected as part of your document retention compliance.

Backup these important documents to PIPEDA compliant data centers within Canada, where it is offsite, and secured.

Advanced Backup Features

Backup a single Windows or Mac computer, up to all computers and servers in the law firm.

Our Cloud Backup Client will let you backup:

  • Standard documents, spreadsheets, pictures, emails and attachments
  • SQL or Oracle Database data
  • Microsoft Exchange data, down to the mailbox level
  • VMWare or Hyper-V Virtual Machines
  • Any accessible mapped, shared, or NAS drives

All backups from all computers within your firm are combined under one backup plan, so backup disk space is shared. Select how much backup disk space you need to cover as many computers as you need.

Security / Privacy

Our cloud data centers meet all relevant Canadian privacy legislation, including PIPEDA, HIPAA, PHIPA

  • We are a 100% Canadian based company and all backups stay 100% in Canada
  • All backups are encrypted to military grade 256-bit encryption right on the server or computer they are run from, before even being transmitted to our backup server.
  • Transmission is further secured using SSL encryption between your location and the backup server during transmission.
  • All backup data is stored in an encrypted and compressed state at all times
  • You pick your encryption key, we never know it, nobody has access to your data.

Based on Acronis Cloud Backup

Our backup solution is based on the Acronis backup platform, with backups going to specialized Canadian data centers rather than the default Acronis cloud space in the US.

Acronis is an award winning backup solution used by over 500,000 businesses throughout the world.

Ransomware Protection

Cloud backups ensure an “air-gap” between your law firm systems and your backup – a critical piece that has tripped up companies hit with ransomware attacks and only onsite backups. Ransomware can’t jump this air-gap to get your cloud backups.

With cloud backups and daily backups being performed, you can reach back to before the attack and pull backups that are unaffected and ready to restore.

Easy Restores

Restoring backup data is as easy a picking the date to restore from and selecting the files and folders to restore.

Versioning and ensuring you get the right file back is all part of the backup platform. No more hassling with tapes, all management is performed from a web based control portal so you don’t have to be onsite. Both backups and restores can be done from anywhere in the world.


CloudPockets is managed and operated by Trusted Technology Inc, which has been providing cloud backups for law firms since 2009. 

Our backup service requires no hardware or up-front commitment, backup plans are monthly and can be changed at any time.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us by email.

Review the Law Society of British Columbia’s Cloud Computing Checklist (updated May 2017).