Online Backup for Bookkeepers and Accountants

It’s about protecting the bottom line

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Backup Quickbooks and Sage

There’s nothing likely more important than company financials.

Losing financial records due to a disaster can cause the failure of the whole business. As an accounting or bookkeeping firm part of your responsibility is the protection of those financial records.

Your customers may also mandate or expect that all financial records remain in Canada.

Fulfil both these requirements with a Canadian online backup.

Cost Effective Backup

Pricing starts at $9.95/month and includes 25Gb of backup disk space with backup clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Add disk space up to 2Tb or more, at any time.

Why Keep Your Online Backup In Canada?

Backing up your files in the U.S. (most backup providers are US based) means they are subject to the Patriot Act and other American security and privacy laws. These laws are quite different than Canadian laws.

It has been estimated there are over 10,000 US-based government agencies that could get access to your data without a warrant.

You don’t want that  – keep your online backup under Canadian security and privacy laws, protected in a PIPEDA compliant data center.

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Works with Sage, Quickbooks, and others

Our online backup service can manage your portable computer and all your customer’s data files.

Install the backup client on each of your customer’s computers and be assured their financial data is protected.

We have backup client software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It works with Sage SQL Server data, Quickbooks files, and other formats, pluse your documents and spreadsheets. 

You can also backup files from shared drives on another computer, and attached external or NAS drives.

Wherever you keep it, we can back it up!

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Meets Your Requirements



All online backups are secured to AES 256bit encryption right on the device, and encapsulated using SSL for the transmission between your location and our backup servers.



Online backup data is stored in Canadian data centers and is PIPEDA and PHIPAA compliant to ensure your backups never leave Canada.

Cost Effective

No hardware or up-front costs are required, and monthly or yearly subscription are available to fit your budget plan. 

How It Works

Our online backup is software based and can be installed on your server, desktop, or the laptop that holds the financial data.

Once configured, financial data and documents are encrypted and securely transmitted to our Canadian online backup servers on the schedule you set.

Backups run in the background and are light enough that you can use the computer while a backup is being performed.

You receive an email notification after every backup run so that you can confirm the backup was successful and you data is online and secure.

All configuration is done from a web based management portal.

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How To Get Started


Sign up

We’ll send you an email with all your account information, and a link to download the easy cloud backup software client.


Install the software client to set up your cloud backups.

You can backup your desktop or laptop


Point and click to backup (emails, documents, pictures, etc) and schedule the cloud backup time (often overnight).

Note: The computer will need to be on for the backup to run

Let It Run

Our software client runs in the background.

You can use your computer while cloud backups are occurring.

After every backup you get a notification email about that backup.