Online Backup For Bookkeepers And Accountants

Keep Financial Data In Canada

Financials and their supporting documents are the lifeblood of any company or organization.

As an accountant or bookkeeper you want to ensure that in the event of a disaster that financial data is safe, secure, and backed up online. You understand Canada’s security and privacy laws, it must be kept in Canada.

Our Advanced Backup lets you perform Canadian based online backups with military grade security and PIPEDA compliance.

How It Works

Our online backups are software based and can be installed on your server, desktop or laptop that holds the financial data and documents.

Once configured, financial data and documents are encrypted and securely transmitted to our Canadian based backup servers on the schedule you set.

Backups run in the background and are light enough that you can use the computer while a backup is being performed.

You receive an email notification after every backup run so that you can confirm the backup was successful and you data is online and secure.


Our online Backup is feature rich, see the full feature comparison.

  • Select common data sources and use the Advanced button to select your financial data areas.
  • Backup financial files, plus IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange Server Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database, Oracle Database, Windows System, Windows Systems State backup.
  • We have additional agents for VMWare and Hyper-V image backups.
  • After the first full backup all subsequent backups are incremental.
  • Backups are secured using 256-bit full length AES encryption right on the computer before any data is transmitted, and all transmissions are SSL secured to our backup servers, only you know the encryption key.
  • All online backup data remains in Canada in PIPEDA compliant data centers.

How To Get Started

  1. Sign Up – We’ll send you an email with all your account information, and a link to download the cloud backup software client
  2. Install – Install our online Backup software client on any Windows, Mac, Linux computer, it only takes 5 minutes
  3. Configure – Login using the client, then point and click to backup emails, documents, pictures, etc, or select the files and folders you want. Schedule the time you want to backup (often overnight).
  4. Let it run – Save your configuration and let it run! Our software client runs in the background and you can use your computer while cloud backups are running. After every backup you get a notification email about that backup

Why Backup In Canada?

Backing up your files in the U.S. (did you know most providers keep your data there?) means they are subject to the Patriot Act and other American security and privacy laws.

If you put your backup data in the US, according to the January 2012 Cloud Computing Report by the Law Society of British Columbia, there are over 10,000 US-based government agencies that could get access to your data without a warrant.

You don’t want that  – keep your online backup under Canadian security and privacy laws in a PIPEDA compliant data center.


We’re here to help! Contact us for answers to your questions and getting your first backup configured and running smoothly.