Cloud Backup Pricing

Cloud backup pricing based on backup disk space

Clear Easy Pricing

Our pricing is simple; just choose the amount of backup disk space you need. You can change your disk space limit at any time, in increments of 50Gb.

Backup disk space is shared across all the computers you want to back up and backup data is compressed to minimize disk space usage.

See full list of pricing options:

Pricing Examples:

All pricing is monthly


Disk Space Monthly Cost
25Gb $9.95
50Gb $20
100Gb $35
200Gb $60
300Gb $90
500Gb $140
750Gb $180
850Gb $187
1Tb $210

Comparing Pricing? Here’s some things to keep in mind

Is it Cloud Backup or a Cloud Drive?

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. If it says “cloud drive” or “sync” it is not a backup.

Our cloud backup service stores your data online in a compressed, encrypted, secure unreadable format. You cannot access and work on documents and files directly from the cloud.

Our backup is there to ensure recovery of data in the event of a disaster.

Are they backing up to a Canadian Data Center?

Most backup providers are US based and data is stored in US Data Centers. This is not PIPEDA compliant, you don’t want that.

We only use PIPEDA compliant Canadian Data Centers, your data never leaves Canada.

How many devices are included?

Most charge extra for more than one device.

We allow unlimited devices; desktops or servers it doesn’t matter. You only pay for the shared backup disk space.

Do they bill monthly?

Most providers show monthly pricing but bill annually.

We bill monthy. For most Organizations and businesses this is a more convenient payment plan.

Is pricing in Canadian dollars?

Make sure the pricing you are seeing is in Canadian dollars

As a 100% Canadian based company all our pricing is shown in Canadian dollars.

Not sure? Want to try it out Free?

No problem!

We offer a 10 day free trial with no obligation.
You don’t need a credit card to sign up.

Take 10 days using a fully functional backup client and try it. See the management console, test backups and restores, see the notifications you receive.

At the end of the trial you can stop, or if you choose to continue you add your credit card details.

It’s risk free.