Canadian Cloud Backups For Non Profits and Small Businesses

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Cloud Backups stay in Canada

This is a backup for Canadians, with all your data backed up to Canadian servers in Canadian data centers.
At no time does your backup ever leave Canada.
Your backup stays here, protected under Canada’s security and privacy laws.

Why Keep Your NonProfit and Business Backups In Canada?

Most other backup providers are US based, which means your backup data is subject to the Patriot Act and other American security and privacy laws. These laws are quite different than Canadian laws.

It has been estimated there are over 10,000 US-based government agencies that could get access to your data without a warrant.

Keep your cloud backup under Canadian security and privacy laws, protected in a PIPEDA compliant data center.

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What Can You Backup?

Local Data

Backup all your local files anywhere on your desktop or laptop computer

Server/NAS Data

Backup data from any network server, NAS, or  a mapped drive location

365 Mailboxes

Backup all Microsoft 365 email accounts from your tenant directly to the cloud

SharePoint Sites

Along with mailboxes, backup all SharePoint and OneDrive Sites directly to the cloud

Pricing starts at CAD$9.95/month

Start by sharing 25Gb of backup disk space across as many Windows, Mac, and Linux computers as you want.

Add more disk space as you need it, up to multiple Terabytes, at any time.

What others are saying

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how great your Clouds Back-up Program is for us. I never worry if there will be any issues with my system because I know all my data is stored safely off site where no things like fire or theft will effect.
Elizabeth S

Operations Mgr

I would highly recommend CloudPockets for any Companies that require a simple and reliable Cloud Backup Solution.
Dave S

Computer Technician

We are also very pleased with the Cloud Pockets backup.  The fact that it is totally automated means we don’t have to do anything ourselves, as it is just there running in the background.  So easy to use and so important to know everything we do on our computers is backed up.
Alan P

Executive Director

Canadian Cloud Backups Features


Backup data is stored in Canada at all times and always remains within Canadian security and privacy laws



Our storage centers are PIPEDA and PHIPA compliant to meet your Gov’t or Organization mandates


Data is encrypted during transmission, and on our servers with a private encryption key only you know,

OS Independent

Backup Windows, Mac, Linux to the cloud with a backup client that installs easily and runs in the background



Backups run according to the schedule you set and are followed up with a status email after each backup

Backup Data is Secure


You set the encryption key. Only you know it.

This is enterprise grade security. Your backups cannot be restored, viewed or tampered with by anyone else without your private encryption key.

How To Get Started

Make Cloud Backups part of your backup disaster recovery plan. Getting started is quick and easy and requires no hardware.

Cloud Backups run in the background and are light enough that you can even use your computer while a backup is being performed.

You receive an email notification after every backup run so that you always know the status of your backups.

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Sign up

Select the amount of backup disk space you need.

Install software client

Login to the Management Console and install the cloud backup software client on your computer

Select Files/Folders

Point and click to choose the files and folders you want backed up

Schedule and Encrypt

Schedule when you want your backups to run, and set a private encryption key that only you know.

Three Backup Security Layers


AES 256-bit Encryption

All cloud backups are military grade encrypted right on the device for full security before you data even leaves the building.

SSL Transmission

SSL encrypted traffic is used to upload or download your cloud backup data between your location and our backup data center.

Private Encryption Key

Cloud backups are securely encrypted with a private encryption key that only you know. Nobody has access to your cloud backup data.