Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By creating a CloudPockets account and requesting to be an Affiliate you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The Affiliate program uses cookies to link your account to your referral account. This cookie automatically expires in 90 days; anyone who clicks your link must sign up within 90 days of clicking the link to be allocated to your account.

Note: A Trial backup lasts 15 days, and Trial signups will receive notifications encouraging them to convert to a paid subscription. After 15 days the Trial will expire, and backups will fail – further encouraging them to sign up and have their files protected.


Commission is an ongoing 10% from any account that used your Unique Referral Link to sign up, either from your links or by notifying us of the sale. The 10% commission is based on each time the referred customer makes a payment for their chosen payment plan.

Payout cannot be made until your Affiliate Balance is over $50. At that time you can request payment from your account by contacting the Billing Department. All payments will be in Canadian Dollars and will be paid to your Paypal account, or to your VISA or Mastercard if you provide those details in your account. You can check your current any time by visiting your Affiliate Section of your Billing Portal.

Keyword Bidding:

You can promote your Affiliate links if you wish by using keywords to show up on search pages.
An Affiliate shall not bid on or purchase, directly or indirectly, any CloudPockets trademarks, tradenames, sites, or any misspellings or variants thereof, unless otherwise approved in writing by CloudPockets. You cannot bid against us on the following keywords: “cloud backup”, “canada cloud backup”, “cloudpockets”, “”.