CloudPockets Sync

Your Private Cloud Drive

Share documents and data between your office and your mobile workforce, within your own private cloud drive.

There’s a risk to using public cloud drives (Box, OneDrive, Google, etc) that store your data in the US and don’t encrypt that data during transmission. This puts your data outside the security and privacy laws of Canada. These providers are also increasingly data mining your content to profile you for who knows what.

Bring your private data back under your control. A private cloud drive means only you have access to it, nobody else can see it.



How It Works

  • Install our small Sync client on your computer, or app on your mobile device, and store your files in a specialized folder. That folder syncs to your private Canadian based cloud drive to all other devices.
  • Each Sync user in your plan adds 1Tb of shared cloud data to your plan. For example: 5 users means 5Tb total cloud disk space.
  • All users in your plan see the same files and folders on their local drive, and work with them locally. It’s intuitive and fast. Any changes to documents and data are automatically synced, in the background, between all devices attached to your private cloud drive. This ensures everyone is looking at the same copy, the most up-to-date document.



Sync Features

Share your data across your organization intuitively and securely. Easy to set up and you know that all cloud data remains in Canada.



Business Grade 

Secure file access for

Windows, OSX, iOS, Android,

Windows Mobile


256 AES encryption in transit and at rest,

data transferred via SSL,

remote device wipes

Easy  Sharing

Share with users outside

the company, make read-only,

expire share links




AD integration,

two factor authentication,

granular user access


Continuous real-time backup,

custom retention periods,

99.999% reliability


Private Cloud,

Hosted in Canada,

PIPEDA compliant


Sync Ideas

Road Warriors – Work on customer files and reports from the hotel room without worrying about internet connectivity. If you’re out of range of internet, any file changes will be synced in the background next time it becomes available.

Small Teams – Collaborate or your plan or project and know that everyone is seeing the same version of your file or document. Changes are synced in near real-time across all devices.

Non Profits/Charities – Keep your files in Canada in a PIPEDA compliant cloud drive and have them available across the organization. Setup is quick and easy and requires little maintenance. Costs are monthly, there’s no setup fee, and the plan can be changed at any time.

BC Real Estate Office – You are mandated to keep your documents and data within British Columbia. Sync is your solution for fast and easy access to all the files you need in a BC based cloud drive.


PIPEDA Compliant

All Sync data is stored securely in Canadian PIPEDA compliant data centers with built-in security features and redundancy for ensuring your data is always available. Transmission between devices is encrypted for full security.