How To Start A Cloud Backup

Let us show you how easy it is to start a backup with CloudPockets. If you know where your source data to backup exists this whole process should take around five minutes.

The first step is to sign up.

Once you have signed up you’ll receive a couple of emails.

  • One is your customer account for billing, account management, and support
  • The second is your credentials for access to the Acronis backup Management Portal
Canadian Cloud Backups

Download and Install the Backup Client

Go to and login using the management portal credentials you just received.

Once logged into your account go to Devices and you will be prompted to add a device. Or you can select the “+Add” button at the top right.

The most common device to add is a Windows desktop, but we have many types of devices such as a Windows Server, Microsoft 365 account, etc.

Adding a device will download the backup client to your computer which should then be installed.

Register The Machine

At the end of the installation you will be asked to Register the machine. If you aren’t already logged in you will be prompted to login to to do this.

Once registered the installation is complete.

Configure your backup

Now that the backup client is installed, all configuration is done at

Click the device you just added and on the right select Protect.

  1. A new window appears. Hover over the title and you can edit it to something meaningful
  2. Under What to back up select Files/folders
  3. Under Items to back up click Specify, then drill down to the files and folders you want to back up
  4. Under Schedule select the days and time to back up
  5. Under Encryption click Specify a password – IMPORTANT only you know this password, do not lose it! You cannot recover files without this password!

When done click Create and your backup is now configured.