A Tale Of Two Backups

A cloud backup takes your critical data and saves it in a completely different physical location. It puts that copy far far away so that if something horrible happens to your office, building, or even your area, a cloud backup is available to restore and continue on.
But there are times that only a minor problem has occurred, maybe all you’ve done is accidentally deleted a file or folder – and you just need it back quickly. There’s the solution for that.

Make a local Backup

local-cloud-backup-driveCloudpockets Small Business cloud backup software has the ability to perform two types of backups; offsite (cloud) and onsite (local). These are two separate backup jobs and don’t necessarily have to include all the same files, however the onsite backup can be sent to an external USB drive or shared drive or folder that is onsite. The setup for each is almost exactly the same.

What’s the advantage?

In a word – speed. Recovering a file from your onsite backup will be faster than getting it from the cloud. If the disaster is just a few files, or a single computer that has died, then restoring from your onsite backup will get you back up and going quickly.
What this means then is that with Cloud Backup you can have the advantages of speed for quick local restores when you need them, and the security and protection of an offsite backup should the worst happen.

Try it. It’s the best of both backups!