Another year starts, another try at resolutions. Here’s one that’s easy to start and lasts all year!


Resolve this year to backup, and protect your critical files.

Backups used to be difficult, but if you are a Canadian small business then there’s an easy and automated way to backup every day and keep your data in Canada. Data kept in the US is subject to US security and privacy laws; the Patriot Act being one of them. You need to keep your data here, in Canada.

How does it work?

Get started and download our Cloud Backup Free Trial, it’s an easy installation and it will walk you through your first Cloud Backup. If you take the time now – while it’s on your mind, then it will take care of you for the rest of the year.
Our Cloud Backup software will grab the files you have selected, compress and encrypted them to industry standards, and send them off-site to our Cloud Backup Server. Now you files are away from your location and protected should a disaster occur.
Bonus – our software also allows you to save a local copy to an external drive so that a quick restore is available to you if you need it. The Cloud copy is seperate and allows you to recover your files should your laptop get stolen or die a horrible death.

Is 5 Minutes Worth A Year’s Protection?

Put this New Years resolution into effect in just five minutes – this is how long it takes to sign up and configure your backup. Start with a Cloud Backup Free Trial and get 15 days free!