Cloud Backup Affiliate Program

Resell and promote Canadian based cloud backups

Resell and promote Canadian based cloud backups to your customers or website visitors

Why Cloudpockets?

We are one of the few fully Canadian based cloud backup providers and backup data always stays in Canada.

This is important to non profits, lawyers, and health care organizations, to name a few.

We’ve been around since 2007. In cloud terms we’re a pioneer in the cloud backup space. We start at 25Gb of disk space but can accept up to 2Tb or more per customer.

Our Cloud Backup software client is perfect for Small Business. It is robust, secure, and yet easy to set up.

Get Paid

Are you a tech looking to offer Cloud Backup services to your customers? Or maybe you manage a website that could benefit by marketing Cloud Backup services to your visitors.

We can give you the tools to make some good passive income each month.

By referring customers to us you can receive an ONGOING 10% commision for every sign up – for the life of that customer.

With a 500Gb backup plan (a common limit) you can earn over $150 a year, per customer!

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