Best way to backup your Mac

The best and easiest way to protect your files on your Mac is to get a Cloud Backup for Mac. You’ll be glad you did when you experience a data failure or outright breakage.
Here’s how to backup your Mac:

“Back The Mac”

Canadian Cloud Backups

A Cloud backup for Mac means backing up your critical files to the cloud. This is an automated backup that securely manages the backup process for you.

For Canadian Mac users that need their backup to stay in Canada you should use CloudPockets Backup, you can start a free trial and find out more here.

Our Mac client runs in the background and backs up on a schedule you choose. You manage all settings from a web based managment portal so backups and restores can be done from anywhere.

It works with all versions of Apple software and all Macbooks, Mac Minis, and iMacs.

What about Time Capsule?


Time Capsule, Apple’s local backup client unfortunately does not fully protect your files. This is because doesn’t adhere to the standard 3-2-1 Backup Rule. Your Time Capsule only provides a local backup – that is, it backs up to an external hard disk on your network. If the place burns down your backup is also gone!

You can still backup to Time Capsule as a first recovery step, but a CloudPockets backup completes the 3-2-1 Rule by having your data offsite. Files are copied to the Cloud so that recovery is always available.

Try It – Free!

You can try the new CloudPockets Cloud Backup for Mac by signing up for a trial.
Install and test it on your own computer for 10 days and see how easy a backup can be.