The Law Society of British Columbia has just come out and said that “BC lawyers are prohibited from using non-BC-based cloud computing providers, including Google and Dropbox.” according to the website Slaw. If this is indeed the case then CloudPockets can help in at least one area, maybe more.


BC Based Cloud Backup

cloud computing for lawyers in bcThe jury is still out on this bombshell statement from Jan Lindsay, President of the Law Society of BC, however it is a profound direction with far reaching implications for lawyers in BC.
Update: MS Lindsay has now apologized for that statement, and an Q&A update on the Slaw website offers further clarification.
The good news however is that Lawyers in BC do have at least an option for a BC based cloud backup, a fully automated and completely local backup system, fully contained in BC and data never leaves Canada.

And, if the need is there then we’ll look at adding a BC based Dropbox-style cloud drive and email systems to the mix for the 10,000 lawyers in BC.

If you are a BC based lawyer and would be interested in these kinds of services then let me know in the comments.