Why would you want to hack Evernote?

evernote-logoIf you haven’t heard already, Evernote admits that their servers got hacked and their customer names and passwords were taken. Do you use Evernote? It’s pretty popular and has Apps for iPhone and Android phones. If you have an Evernote account your password has been reset and you should login and change it.


The question you should be asking though is Why? Why did Evernote get hacked? Are your shopping lists really that important? Are people keeping very secure and confidential information on Evernote?
I suspect not.

What do they want?

I think they want your password.
Now Evernote says that passwords were encrypted and that’s good. However what I do know is that many people use the same password everywhere, for every account online and that’s bad. If the hackers manage to decrypt the password file then they potentially have access to the same usernames on other services.

Change Your Password To… Something Else!

Don’t use your “standard format”, break out! Make a different password, or even better – a pass phrase! Don’t make it the same as your online banking, don’t make it the same as your password at the office. If you really feel you have to reuse a password do it for a similar service. What I mean is don’t use the same password for Facebook as you do for banking.

Working out on the Internet, or Cloud as we now call it, always has a degree of risk to it. As is said, the only really secure computer is turned off and locked away. We all need to work in the cloud – take reasonable precautions and keep your passwords different.

Got a special trick for creating and remembering passwords? Let others know…