One of the big advantages of cloud backup over traditional tape backup is the way incremental backups work.

What is Incremental?

An incremental backup means that after the initial backup, only the changes are backed up. This saves considerable backup time because backing up to tape was a slow process. Whereas a full backup of your systems may have required multiple tapes, and someone (or a multi-tape bay) to swap those tapes out when required, you could now perform a nightly backup to one tape. Much more efficient.

Incremental For Tapes

tapes-iconIncremental for tapes, however, was a bitter-sweet technology. You saved considerable time when performing the backups, but increased time in the advent of a full restore as well. You were playing the odds that you may only need to do a full restore once or twice in the comapany’s life whereas you would be backing up every night. The problem was due to tape rotation and having to pull all the little pieces of incremental backups from various tapes when you restore – and of course if one tape in the series was bad then you might never get a good restore.

Incremental for Cloud

Incremental for cloud takes all the advantages of saving backup time, and eliminates the hassle of multiple-tape restores. You no longer have to worry about that, you just pick the file or files to restore and the backup system figures out what to give you. No more nightmares about multiple tapes – in the right order – all working perfectly. Incremental for cloud now gives you an advantage on both backups and restores!

Go Incremental!

You definitely want to use incremental technology when doing backups, and cloud based backups are one of the most effective ways to quickly backup data and get it out of the office for safe keeping. At CloudPockets our cloud backup plans start at 5Gb of data and are incremental by default.

Are you still using tapes for your backups? There’s more advantage to backing up to the cloud than ever before. Don’t you think it’s time to use the next technology to your advantage?