Every Cloud backup you do with us is “incremental” – except for the very first one.

What is Incremental?

Courtesy binbert.comincremental cloud backupAn incremental backup is one that only backs up the changes that have occurred since the last backup. For example if you added a formula to your spreadsheet, only that formula gets added at the next backup, not the whole spreadsheet. Backups take much less time to complete when you are only backing up the changes, not the full files.

Incremental Tape Backups

Incremental backups when using tape technology had a good and bad side to it. It was fast when you backed up – but horribly slow if you had to recover, often requiring the swapping of multiple tapes in and out to finally get a full copy of your file. You put up with the pain of the restore because it hopefully happened much less that backups occurred.

Vs Cloud Backup

Cloud Backups work differently to tapes. The Delta technology used in our backup software is smart enough to combine all the available changes to your file when you restore it. This is all done transparently in the background. Now you have fast backups AND fast restores!

If you haven’t moved from using backup tapes to using the Cloud you need to consider incremental backup features as one of the benefits.