Another ransomware survey that tells us that businesses haven’t got the message yet. Small business still think it won’t happen to them, so they’re not ready when it does.

As the article quotes; “Every business is potentially a target. If you have a computer, you’re a target.”

A look at these stats will tell you that ransomware is not going away, there’s too much money still to be made at it.

Ransomware Survey Stats

ransomware survey factsThe recently released survey by Ponemon and Carbonite shows that we haven’t learned yet.

  • 50% of businesses have been hit with ransomware
  • 48% paid
  • Average payment $2,500.00
  • yet 57% said that their companies were too small to be a target of ransomware
  • and only 29% said they were confident that their employees COULD detect risky links or sites

Do Something!

Here’s an interesting quote:

“People say, ‘I know I should back up, have anti-virus, use strong passwords’ — but they don’t do it,”

The time of thinking this won’t happen to you is over. Companies that aren’t shoring up their systems are making it easy for ransomware attackers. They haven’t protected themselves up front so they have no recourse but to pay.

By ignoring the facts of what is going on around them they are part of the reason ransomware occurs.

The Ransomware Survey Solution

42 percent of companies that didn’t pay were able to do so because they had a full and accurate backup.

ransomware survey solutionMy hat is off to these companies. Yes, they still had a hard time cleaning and recovering systems. Yes they had to spend money to get the business moving forward again. Yet they also had that satisfaction that comes with not giving into ransom demands, standing tall, biting the bullet, and making things right. Here’s an example of one company that didn’t pay the ransom because they had a backup.

A backup, along with security software, systems, and training, is how to stop ransomware.

If you have a backup you don’t need to pay. You restore. You pull a copy of your most recent backup, hopefully no more than twenty-four hours back. You don’t have to be one of the statistics in this ransomware survey.

You have a backup.

(How to start a cloud backup now)

Here’s a link to the full article.