We’ve just completed a brand new look and feel for the site. Hope you like it!

Speed And Features

It was time, the “old” look was primarily slow and affecting Google ranking. The new look is faster, brighter, and hopefully easier to navigate.

We’ve  included a “By Industry” section that focuses on Law Firms, Non Profits, and Accountants, which are often the clients that are attracted to Canadian based backups. They have an understanding of data security and privacy and are often mandated either by the Provincial or Federal government, or their board policies, to make sure all data stays within Canada.

New Service: Cloud Sync

A new service we’ve just implemented. This is a 100% Canadian based cloud drive, which has been asked of us quite a bit. It’s also a private cloud drive – meaning it is yours and yours alone. Nobody has access into it to mine for data, like much of the public drives do such as Google, iCloud, and Dropbox.

Here’s details on Cloud Sync (update: this service is no longer available).


And finally, we’ve included a clear placement for logins to the billing portal, the cloud backup portal, and the cloud sync portal. Everything you need to manage your Canadian cloud systems.

If you see something not quite right please let us know on our Contact form.