World Backup Day 2018 is on March 31st, a Saturday.

Here is the easiest way to back up all that important stuff on your computer so you’re ready for World Backup Day.

But first…


Why Back Up?

To protect history, memories, and important files and documents. That’s why.

world backup day to cloud

Computers don’t last forever. On average we replace them every four years – sooner if they fail.
According to Gartner, hard drive failures are what account for 45% of all failures, and that’s where your files are.

It’s just a matter of time.

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Be honest with yourself – you won’t backup unless it is easy.

A backup has to be easy, and right now the easiest way to backup is via Cloud Backup. An intuitive Cloud Backup can have you running your first backup in about five minutes.

A smart backup automatically finds your files in the usual places. Just click to select the locations and you’re good to go.

Nothing extra – A Cloud Backup needs no hardware, no disks or peripherals, everything is software based.

Oh – and you think because you could keep your files in the cloud you don’t need to backup? This article explains why a cloud drive is not a backup.



Let’s Get Started

Sign up to download our Standard Backup Client ($7.95/month for 25Gb)

Install it on any PC, Mac or Linux computer.

Point-and-click to select your files source, and schedule.

Now you’re ready for World Backup Day!


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