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How to Backup Thunderbird

how to backup thunderbird

Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client is used by 2.4% of the world and most of us use our email client more than any other application. Losing your emails and contacts can be devastating.

Here’s how to backup Thunderbird so you can recover you emails, contacts, etc, should your computer fail or data corruption occurs.

Mozilla Thunderbird stores all your emails, contacts, newsgroup messages, and attachments in a profile folder. Depending on your operating system you can find that folder at one of the following locations:

Operating System Profile Folder Location
Windows Vista, Windows 7 Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird
Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Thunderbird
Mac OS X ~/Library/Thunderbird
Linux and Unix systems ~/.thunderbird

Once you know your Thunderbird profile location, you need to include that folder in your backup plan. Usually this means adding that folder to the set of folders in your backup set. Now that you know how to backup Thunderbird, your emails and information can be protected and restored should your disaster strike.

How to Recover Thunderbird

If you are backing up Thurderbird on a regular basis (every night is good) then recovery is an easy chore.

  • Simply reinstall Thunderbird and configure it for your email address.
  • Close it down and confirm the Profile Folder Location.
  • Restore your Thunderbird files to that location, overwriting the files that are there now.

Next time you open up Thunderbird all your emails and contacts should be back and you’re ready to go.

How to Backup Thunderbird using CloudPockets

(Not using CloudPockets for your Cloud Backup? Try it now)

  • Open the  CloudPockets client and select the folder icon at the bottom left.
  • Click the Advanced button and work your way through the folders until you show the Thunderbird profile folder on the right hand pane.
  • Click the checkbox to add it to your online backup
  • Click OK until you are back at the main window
  • At this point you can either run a backup immediately, or close the CloudPockets client and answer [Yes] to save settings to Backup Server.

Email and especially email history has become important for businesses. Make sure you don’t lose your emails, backup your Thunderbird client.

how to backup thunderbird

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how to backup thunderbird

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Online Storage vs Online Backup

Do you know the difference between online storage and online backup?

Online Storage has become a popular way to have a copy of your files and folders in the Cloud, available from anywhere and to share with others. If you are working in a team and you’re not all in the same location then it works well. It is essentially a replicated image of your local folders and so could be deemed a “backup” in that sense and yes, it is important to have a second copy of your files.

Here though is the distinction of replication, which is essentially what Online Storage is, versus backup. With online replication a file deleted on your local folder will also deleted on the online copy at the next synchronization. If you need that file back and you catch it before that synchronization occurs you may be okay. Chances are though that you won’t notice until later and it is too late, your file is gone.

Online Backup on the other hand, will keep a copy of that deleted file for a period of time so that you can indeed retrieve it if you deleted it in error. The time window to retrieve an older file, called the retention period, will differ between Online Backup providers and can often be set by you. The length of time you can keep old file copies is usually dependent on the amount of backup disk space you have but with enough space you could go back months, even years.

Both Online Storage and Online Backup are efficient ways to use the Cloud. However even if you are using Online Storage you should also be backing those same files up to an Online Backup Service that will allow you to retrieve historical versions of your files, and deleted files.

It only takes once to wish you had.

CloudPockets provides Online Backup Services. You can try our Cloud Backup Software free for 15 days.


Backup your LinkedIn Contacts

Here’s a quick and easy way to backup all your contacts you have accumulated in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn, along with other Social media is now such a big part of business that it needs to be included in your backup plans.

Backup LinkedIn Contacts

You may not have thought too much about it, but in fact you probably have quite a few contacts in your LinkedIn account that you don’t have anywhere else. Let’s copy those contacts to your computer and even your local email program so that you have them at all times.

1. Sign into your LinkedIn account and from the menu along the top, click on the word “Contacts”
Backup LinkedIn Contacts
2. This will take you to a list of your Connections. At the very bottom right of this list is a link to “Export Connections”.
LinkedIn Export Connections
3. Click Export Connections and select the file type in which you’d like to save this information.
linkedin contact export types
4. LinkedIn will create a file and ask if you want to save it or open it. Select save, and put this file in a folder under your Documents folder in Windows so that it will get backed up by your Cloud Backup Services provider, such as CloudPockets, along with all your other Documents files.

5. (optional) If you want to use these contacts further, you could take an additional step at this point and import those contact into your email client or CRM database so that they are available to email directly. Remember, as you continue to add contacts in LinkedIn you will have to redo this process to update the exported file and back it up.

Cloud Backup Services

Got Backups on your mind?

See how to backup other applications
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So What is The Cloud?

What is this “Cloud” thing?

You have probably been hearing more and more about “The Cloud” and cloud this, and cloud that. What is this “Cloud” thing? The answer is easier than you may expect.

“The Cloud” is really just the new term for Internet-based Services such as Facebook, Hotmail, Amazon, Ebay. This are cloud based services.

ASP / SaaS = The Cloud

Vancouver Cloud Backup ServicePreviously these services were called such things as “Application Software Provider” ASP, or “Software as a Service” SAAS, or “On Demand” services. None of these terms were really easy to remember so now they are referred to as “The Cloud”.

Many of us are working in the Cloud on a fairly regular basis without really thinking about it. Every time you check your email on your smartphone, or update your Facebook or LinkedIn status you are using Cloud Services. If you use Google Apps to work with documents or spreadsheets you are working on a classic example of a a service in the Cloud.

The Advantage

There are lots of advantages of using the Cloud for small businesses and home offices. Many Cloud-based services offer robust features that were previously only available to larger organizations. For example the Cloud Backup Service we offer has features in it that used to cost tens of thousands of dollars at the enterprise level. Now you can run them from the Cloud for a small subscription each month.

Whether you realized it before or not – you work in the Cloud and you do it probably every day. Many business services are moving to the Cloud and it is in your best interest to take advantage of the features and pricing.

Now, next time you hear the term “the Cloud” you’ll know what they’re talking about.


Online Backup to the Cloud

Backups have, in the past, been difficult and regulated more to larger corporations.

A robust backup system often cost tens of thousands of dollars and required ongoing maintenance. It’s only recently that new technology has been made available to allow small businesses and home offices to easily and effectively have business grade backups.

What is a Cloud Backup Service?

Cloud Backup ServiceFaster Internet connections and improved compression technology now allow enough power to use your Internet connection to copy files to a remote location. This is what a Cloud Backup Service does. We take the important files you have selected, compress them to make them smaller and encrypt them so that they can’t be opened by just anyone. Then we move that copy of your files to our server located here in British Columbia. Nobody needs to swap tapes or disks. A Cloud Backup Service make it all happen automatically.

Why Off-site?

One of the problems with a home office is that it is your business – and your home. Even if you do perform backups of your important business files, where do you put them? You can’t “take them home” because you are home. An off-site backup for a home office would previously mean a safety deposit box, a friend, or some other external location. As you can imagine, the hassle is such that most don’t do it.
In a real disaster everything would be lost.

The advantage of using a Cloud based Backup Service is that, along with the backup, you have also taken that backup off-site. Now you’re protected should a disaster strike the home and you company files are recoverable.

cloud backup process

In a typical small business with its own office the backups often went home with the boss or tech person. It’s easy after time to forget how important that off-site backup part is and leave it at the office with the intention to take it next time. Physical media can get lost or stolen, rendering any benefit obsolete.

Using a Cloud Backup Service removes the need to remember and pack anything in your case or coat pocket. Backups are removed from the building, automatically, without you thinking about it.

Where does it go?

Cloud Backup for VancouverAt CloudPockets we believe that you should have some idea of where you off-site backup is. Don’t just send it “out there, somewhere”. Our Cloud Backup Server is right here in the Vancouver area and backed up data never leaves Canada.

Take a Test Drive

Cloud Backup Services are new for many people, so we give you an opportunity to try it before you sign up. Download the backup client and install it on the computer where your files are stored. Configuration is straight forward, then just let it run. We give you up to 15 days to evaluate how effective it is for you. When you’re ready, subscribe to a plan and pat yourself on the back – you now have all the advantages of using a Cloud Backup Service.